The dimensional accuracy of NSK-AKS Steel Balls is held to extremely close tolerances. The measurement of dimensional accuracy in every manufacturing process is made with instruments having the proper accuracy for the respective processes. Well organized quality control is applied to every process. As the measurement of finished balls is made with accurate instruments in a class, air-conditioned room under well-designed quality control systems, the finished balls have satisfactory tolerances for their respective grades.

The lapping finish determines the surface condition of the balls. It is well known that NSK-AKS Steel Balls have a perfectly smooth surface as they are finished by a unique lapping method developed through many years of research. Various checks on roughness, waviness, vibration and noise, ect. guarantee the surface finish of the balls. These checks also furnish the data for improvement to bring the ball quality to a perfect geometrical sphere.

NSK-AKS uses strictly selected vacuum-degassing steel to insure maximum durability. Defects such as pipe, seams, segregation, excessive inclusion of non-metallic impurities, decarburization, etc. constitute causes for rejection of materials at inspection. To ensure the heat treatment process, control and maintenance of furnaces is carefully done. Further, fatigue life tests are performed to assure long durability and maximum strength.

NKS-AKS puts great emphasis on the uniformity of quality. To attain this, NSK-AKS applies its own quality and measurement control system through the whole process of production and inspection, acquired through years of research activity into control techniques. Every manufacturing lot can be traced consistently from material to finished balls and there is little qualitative variation in a lot. As regards to dimensional accuracy, NSK-AKS steel balls do not need a sorting process.

ISO Certification
ISO / TS16949                                                                            ISO 14001

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